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A Family Member Weighs In

stove-top cast iron griddle/grill

A couple of days after getting my new website up and running, I received a long e-mail from my brother Richard complimenting me on my work, and offering up a suggestion. He spent time on my site, perusing the recipes, looking at the books on my shelf, and thumbing through my Favorite Kitchen Tools.

He said, “Diane, remember you suggested that I buy a cast-iron stove-top griddle for baking my English muffins? Well, you didn’t put it on your site and I think you should. It’s a great tool.”

Richard loves to bake bread, make pizza, and, in general, work with dough. Making homemade English muffins is his new passion. I can attest to their goodness as I had one for breakfast on my last visit.

While it works to use a large, cast-iron skillet when making small batches of English muffins, for larger-scale production it really helps to have a bigger surface.  This cast-iron griddle conveniently fits over two burners, allowing the baker to cook twice as many muffins. But this pan does so much more than just English muffins.

I own this incredibly useful piece of equipment and use it regularly. My reversible grill/griddle is at least fifteen years old. The griddle side is perfect for pancakes or French toast, as well as for English muffins. Flip the griddle over and you have a two-burner indoor grill pan. It’s better than a single-burner grill pan because it can hold more food. I use it when it’s raining outside and I don’t feel like standing under an umbrella to grill. Continue reading