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Kitchen Tools

When I am teaching cooking classes, I am often asked what are my favorite knives, or pots and pans, or useful tools. I thought it would be helpful to provide a recommended list. Everything shown on this page is my kitchen and happily used! As you’ll see, some of my selections are high end, for instance, All-Clad cookware (because if well taken care of, it will last a lifetime). Other choices are functional and economical, such as Lodge cast-iron skillets. If properly seasoned and cared for, plan to pass them down to the next generation. My grandmother gave me two of her cast-iron skillets and I’m still using them. While I’ve upgraded my blender from a bar-style Waring blender to a chef-quality Vitamix, (it was a gift to myself upon finishing a book), my KitchenAid mixer (a birthday present from my husband) is over thirty years old and still in perfect condition. From tools to bakeware–quality tools, pans, and appliances making cooking a pleasure.

My favorite Knives & Cutting Boards:

My Favorite Everyday Useful Tools:

My Favorite Pots & Pans:

My Favorite Appliances & Electronics:

  • Kitchen Food Scale

    Kitchen Food Scale
  • KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Quart Stand Mixer

    stand mixer

    Hopefully the new ones last as long as mine. Mine is nearly 30 years old and looks and performs like new. (Hint: It is worth buying an extra bowl and whisk attachment if you enjoy baking.)

  • KitchenAid Food Processor

    food processor

    Has a 12-cup workbowl (but don’t overload the machine) and includes a handy mini bowl with mini blade. That saves buying a mini-prep food processor for little jobs. (I much prefer the design of this machine over a Cuisinart with its complicated cover and locking system.)

  • Hand Mixer

    hand mixer

    I have one just for the small jobs, like whipping a cup or two of cream. Or making a batter. I like the new ones with the beaters in a case.

  • Vitamix


    It’s true, these blenders are expensive. Save for it; watch for sales. Simply the most amazing blender I have ever owned. Makes my Waring blender seem like a children’s toy in comparison. What a great wedding gift it would make!

  • Breville Compact Toaster Oven

    toaster oven

    Had to replace my old toaster oven and bought this one. Do love it–toasts evenly and bakes well for small servings or quick jobs when you don’t want to heat a large oven.

  • Zojirushi 6 Cup Rice Cooker

    rice cooker

    Simple, well-priced rice cooker. Don’t need fuzzy logic for basic rice cooking.

  • Electric Spice, Herb and Coffee Grinder

    spice grinder

    Love having this for grinding whole spices.

  • Ice Cream Maker

    ice cream maker

    Fun to have for summertime frozen treats. Makes a great gift. Makes about 2 quarts.

  • Slow Cooker with EasySear Insert

    slow cooker

    Wish I had this one. I have an All Clad slow cooker with a ceramic insert, so you can’t sear or brown in the same insert you are going to braise in. The new All Clad slow cookers with a searing insert aren’t compatible in size with the old ones, so you can’t just buy a new insert.

  • Electric Tea Kettle

    electric tea kettle

    Have always owned one and love having it for proper tea making!